Welcome to the Miami Acting Studio.

Now: Let’s get you on a MOVIE SET as fast as possible.

All you need to do know STUDY fast, learn about submitting your Castings online, understand the Casting Process and get into the BEST CHARSIMA SHAPE possible. After that, I guarantee you, it is only a questions of time and how often you are able to submit yourself to Castings.

You are probably going to be surprised that the BIGGEST PROBLEM for Casting Directors is NOT TALENT or LOOKS!

EVERYBODY is unique and therefore has some unique talents.

COMMITMENT and the ability to put in the necessary work is what beginning actors lack the most.

All we need to make you succeed are 5 extra minutes / day

That’s the commitment any professional in ANY field has for his craft.

With 5 extra minutes / day we can get your emotional muscles into shape, make you more creative and teach you about CASTINGS and ACTING.

Over the last 2 years, I have designed an online Audio / Video training that you can listen to in your car, at home or whenever you feel excited about your acting career.

As a courtesy, this online training is available for a reduced rate for students of the Miami Acting Studio.


Let me ask you this:

How much time can you give me to teach you the best world class training available?

(and I am not blowing my own horn here, these techniques come from the Actor’s Studio in New York, NYU Film School and the Philippe Gaulier Performance Art Center in London).

But that’s not all: I want to give you the sum, the “end result” of studying the Human Brain, Psychology and any Creative Tool I could get my hand on over the last 20 years and the reason why I have been successful.

You see, what you are learning is so much more then just acting:

It is a personal development program to help you not just learn how to act, but grow as an actor and use all the talent and personal gifts that you might have.

If you understand that you need to put in the work, then this program is for you.


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