Welcome to the Miami Acting Studio

Here are your instructions to make the most out of the training. This program is part of the regular class and is required for all students so you understand the exercises.

Learn how to:

- Make people feel emotions at will

- Control your own emotions and feel great

- Prepare your mind for success using NLP

- Save yourself from self – sabotaging habits

- Learn all the theory behind class

- Prepare for Casting and learn how to get Castings

1. Sign up now (below) and don’t procrastinate (it’s free for you, please don’t share the link..)

2. Once you log in: GO TO Audio Session and start with the 5 min RESET AUDIO PROGRAM

3. Once you log in: GO TO Video/Blog and watch how to get Castings, Headshots etc.


No contract. Cancel anytime. It’s free the first month and after that only $34.75,– / month.

There is a lot of real work available, but it all depends on your effort and the time you spend to build your career. (just like any other career really)

Acting is a life style. It is about you being able to harvest the incredible power of your own talent. On this site I will teach you all you need to know to get started.

Also, if you have any questions or issues with the site don’t hesitate to write me: ralph@miamiactingstudio.com or miamiacting@gmail.com

We never receive your personal information or have access to your account. (that’s why we use PAYPAL)